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Princess Rosella of Daventry

[I--oh, drat, am I doing this right? Well, let's see, maybe it's just like--ah!]

Hello! You've reached Rosella of Daventry. ...Well, you haven't exactly reached me, I suppose, since if you had, you'd already be talking to me rather than listening to this message. But I'd love to speak with you, so if you'll please leave me a message, I'll be sure to get in touch with you as soon as possible!

[There, that was fine. Now I press...this--]


[OOC: Contact post, for getting a hold of Rosella IC when there's not a current or relevant post up in her journal. Enjoy! ♥]
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This Year's Resolutions
1. I resolve to keep doing my best to be happy, no matter what new tricks the City may play.
2. I resolve to find more ways to spend money helping people, since I'm sure there are plenty of better uses for it than just sitting around with me.
3. I resolve to puzzle out how in the world that one bakery manages to get little pies inside their cakes, and make them myself when I do.
4. I resolve to throw a party that Mother would be proud of. Even if it's not quite as elaborate as one of Mr. Stark's.
5. I resolve to give my blood to the hospital again, to help someone who needs it.
6. I resolve to visit Ellington at least once a week so he doesn't get lonely.
7. I resolve to stop threatening to feed certain people to Ellington when those certain people are behaving particularly insufferably, because if I keep doing it he might take me seriously again, and that would be a terrible mess. Er, again.
8. I resolve to listen to more of Sam's music. Even the ones that don't sound like music.
9. I resolve to learn a new skill, whatever it may be.
10. I resolve to stop wondering when it'll at last be my turn to go home, and simply make the best of things here for as long as it lasts.

There, that's a fine list, isn't it? Quite a few people were making them the other day, I know, so I suppose I'm a bit behind in that respect, but I did still get them all set out before the start of the New Year, which is really the most important part of it all, I think.

And to think, another year gone already! My goodness, it seems like only yesterday that we were starting this year fresh and new, and here it is coming to an end before our eyes. A dear friend of mine once told me that it's the first year here that seems to take the longest, and then all the other ones after that go faster and faster all the time. I think she must have been right, because it certainly feels as though this one went by fast. Even with all the things that happened in it.

It's strange, really. When I first started keeping this journal of mine, it was because I'd just embarked on this new adventure here in the City, and I thought I'd better write down an account of all the things I saw and did, so that when I went home again I could tell it all to our court chronicler and my family. That's what's meant to be done after adventures, in my family; we get back and we all hug each other and then we sit right down and tell the whole tale so everyone can hear it, and so Gerwain can put it in the chronicle for everyone else to read later, too. But my goodness, after almost three and a half years here, I'm certainly going to have quite a bit to retell, aren't I? And that's not even counting my adventure in Tamir, the one I had before this one that I never did get to sit down and tell everyone about. Goodness, to think that that was three and a half years ago, too, now...

Things just keep going on and on, don't they? And they always get better. I've lost count of how many times I've said that by now, after Sam first told it to me all those years ago. But I think he was right, and it's a good thing to remember at the beginning of a new year, too.

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To-Do This Week
o) Pies (all the good kinds)
o) Christmas cookies
o) Other cookies so I don't eat all the Christmas cookies
o) Gingerbread houses!
--Shopping (Food)
o) Christmas dinner things
o) Extra flour
o) Candy for decorating gingerbread houses
o) Dinner things for Miss Saya's friends at the Warehouse
--Shopping (Presents)
o) Christmas presents
o) Birthday presents
o) New bells for Valor's harness
--Other Things
o) Make Edmund get up and about
o) Christmas tree!
o) Dust the Warehouse
o) Visit Ellington (with a present?) What does one get a lake monster, anyway?
o) Do all this regardless of curses
o) And without sounding like Mother any more than I have already

Well, I suppose that might be a lofty set of goals, but there's only six more days until Christmas and it's certainly not going to manage itself! So there's nothing to do but get right to it, after all. And of course, there's no better way to let alone a silly weekend than by keeping busy, either.

[OOC: So, people staying in the Warehouse courtesy of Saya: hi, there! Meet Rosella. She's been a little spotty around the place lately for unrelated reasons (which is also my handy excuse for why she may not have met your characters in person), but she's been popping in to cook and clean every so often, so feel free to have noticed her, recognize her as Saya's sweet blonde princessy roommate, observe that she is the reason why the refrigerator never seems to go empty, etc. ♥]

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[Accidental Voice Post | Open Action]

[There are footsteps, the light crunching of snow, the rustle of a long woolen cloak--and the huffing of one incredibly exasperated princess as she makes the long and perilous trek from the massive complex that was formerly the residence of the four Pevensies (and now is home to only one, plus guest) into the City proper and across the way, aiming for the Warehouse with a very specific purpose in mind.]

Oh, drat it all, I knew I ought to have packed that helmet when I had the chance--

[But alas, it is indeed a very long way to the Warehouse, and with that much ground to cover, it's only a matter of time before someone stops her, isn't it?]

[OOC: Let's have some mistletoe madness~ Action is open to everyone (though people she knows to be evil, I can't promise she won't make a speedy getaway before you can get close to her, sorry) and you're welcome to encounter her pretty much anywhere in the City! Also, it's exam season and I've got one tomorrow at 8:30 AM, so my tags may be slow and sporadic for a bit, but I will backdate like the wind. Bear with me!]

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Dear Father Christmas,

The first time I wrote to you was because of a curse, you know. It seems so long ago, really; that was for my first Christmas here in the City, and I'm already coming up on my fourth now. I remember I wished for all sorts of silly things then, too--for you to take the curses away, to bring me something that all the modern girls in the City would want, even to bring me a rather nice prince if you could manage it. I'm still not very good at being modern, you know, but I think I'm better at it now than I was then.

Oh, and I wished for my horse, but I think that was a bit more Sam's doing than yours, wasn't it? All the girls were wishing for horses, as I recall, but I think I'm the only one that got hers when the day at last came around.

But this year, there isn't anything I want for Christmas. I don't mind going without. I won't ask for a single thing, not to see Sam again, not for Daddy and Mother and Alexander, not for Blue or Penny or Duo or anyone else. I won't ask for horses, or princes, or anything for modern girls, or even that you do anything to make sure I'm happy when it comes around. I don't mind even that. I won't hope for a tree or a great big dinner or sleigh rides or presents or any of it, big or small. I'll go without a Christmas at all, and I won't mind it a single bit, if you'll only take away one family and reunite another in its place.

I'm terribly sorry to bother you--I think I must be cursed again. Still, I hope this letter finds you well, and that it hasn't been too much trouble, reading it.

Yours very sincerely,

[OOC: All links are completely OOC and for reference only, and everything under the strike is fully illegible! She definitely scribbled over that one for about five minutes straight, making sure she got rid of it after she wrote it. o/]

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I, er...that is, this may sound like a terribly odd question, but the Network does seem to be rather full of strange feelings and experiences today, so perhaps it's not so odd after all. But it's something that's been bothering me all day, and if anyone could help me find an answer to it, I'd really very much appreciate it--

What in the world is Turkish Delight? And, er, would anyone happen to know where I could get some? I know it sounds terribly silly, but I was promised some in a dream, and I never did get to have any before I woke up, so...

Well, er. I suppose I'd just like to have a taste of it, that's all. Whatever it may be.

[OOC: And today Rosella has Edmund's memory of...selling out his family for Turkish Delight. OH BOY. The dangers of having a sweet tooth!]

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[Accidental Voice Post]

--rat it all, I did it again, didn't I. Honestly, every Giving-Thanks--but really, I didn't think we'd end up with this much...

[Mumble mumble.]

...uppose I can always wrap some of it up and give it to the Welcome Center, and just keep some of it for ourselves, and--oh, bother, this was always much easier when I could count on Sam to finish off all the...

[Mumble mumble mumble.]

...umpkin, one whole apple, half of cherry, one and half again of custard. I wonder why the custard didn't go very well? It tasted all right to me...hmm. And then there's half a turkey still, and the cranberry sauce--and I still haven't looked at the ceiling, thank you--and bowls and things of the potatoes and dressing and goodness, all the cookies, and--oh, when did this turn on?

[A pause.]

Er...well, um, since this is already on, I suppose I might as well ask, really: if anyone would like some, er, leftover baked things from Gi--from Thanksgiving, please do let me know, won't you? Because really, I'd be more than happy to oblige.

[OOC: So Rosella likes big Thanksgiving dinners. Rosella also has an unfortunate tendency to bake up a storm when she's stressed out. Put the two together and what do you get? A veritable mountain of leftovers. >> Please take some. Please.

Also, for those interested, my HMD thread is here!]

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It's really an awful thing, that feeling of knowing something, and knowing one knows it, but finding that one simply...can't recall it. As though it's on the tip of your tongue and if you could just...

I still have that feeling about Valentine's Day, a few years back. Moreso than just today, that is, because I think today there might be a curse about it, since quite a few people on the Network seem to be rather forgetful and one thing I haven't forgotten is my promise to be better about checking up on things like that before I go off and do something silly on my own. I did remember to check it this morning, and I've been writing myself notes all day to help with my memory because of it. The last thing I'd want is to forget that I've something in the oven and let it burn by mistake, or to lose track of time in the stacks at the Library again and read the whole day away in there.

But that's not what I've forgotten, I don't think. Is it strange, to know you've forgotten something without being able to recall what that something is? It's much easier when one simply forgets one's forgotten it in the first place, because then it doesn't nag so horribly.

Something happened near Valentine's Day a few years back, and I know it must've been something precious because I traded it away for something precious in return. Sometimes I wish I hadn't, when it leads to feeling like this--knowing there ought to be something there, but never quite being able to piece out what it is...and worse, knowing it must've been something wonderful but surrendering it forever. If it is a curse out, then I think we'll get back whatever we've lost today when the clock finally strikes midnight. I'm afraid the same might not be true of whatever it is I lost then; I may never have that one back again.

But knowing we'll get them back doesn't make it any less frustrating that I just can't seem to...

...There was a boy and I think he...his favorite were chocolate-chip cookies and he once had me chop onions because he had to make me cry, and my horse climbed the stairs on the eve of Christmas and I didn't believe him when he woke me up about it, and he was fond of my mother and he had a car that didn't like me at first and he was once turned to stone and not even a kiss could change him back. And I think he...

...It's just, I don't know what to think, because I can't seem to remember who he is.

[OOC: For those playing along at home, she's forgotten her best friend, Sam Witwicky. Which she will, y'know, not be very pleased about when the curse eventually wears off. Someone fill her in, please?]

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[Accidental Voice Post]

[The audio opens, as most posts of the accidental nature do, with some shuffling, some rustling, some gentle flurry of movement--the swishing of skirts, the whisper of wind, the soft thud of footsteps against a well-worn path. Branches snap, leaves crackle; the footsteps abruptly go silent as a voice, startled, cuts through the background noise.]

Is that--

[A few rapid steps swish through the grass; the suspense hangs in the air another moment before the voice speaks again, this time heavy with uncertainty and disbelief.]

But it can't be--!

[Another pause, wavering amidst the wind and the rustling of nature. And then at last, quietly this time, as if the speaker were remarking to herself under her breath--]

I'd know that old house with the ghosts anywhere. The graveyard, the crypt...no, that's it, there's no doubt of it, but why is it--

[She trails off, hesitant, before something occurs to her--and the words take on a new, eerily emphatic tone.]

I wonder if that box is still there...

[The footsteps begin to rustle again, a little quicker this time, and shortly thereafter the audio switches off.]

[OOC: So there actually is a haunted manor in Rosella's canon, in which she meets some ghosts and robs some graves and dodges zombies like a boss. Oh, and it's also where she hid Pandora's Box all those years ago, locked up tight in the crypt. (Good old Whateley Manor, withdrawn from the charming little town of Innsmouth to the world of Daventry.) Obviously, the one she's seeing isn't the exact same one that she visited in Tamir...but of course, Rosella's cursed out of her mind and doesn't know that. :D]

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Oh, everyone's here again! My goodness, it's been a while, hasn't it? I think it was summer, really, the last time you all came, and now it's just getting to be properly fall--so I suppose in a way you're right on time, since you do all seem to arrive around once every season. And come to think of it, this is rather the month for it, too, isn't it? Since I recall having visitors one year for Halloween, and we all had a marvelous party, and it was a lovely way of saying goodbye to another October once and for all.

...Because it is October now, isn't it? I've been trying not to think too much of it, but...well. It's only a month, and I've beaten it before. And I think I've seen enough Octobers by now to be ready to weather whatever it is that might come from this one.

But in any case, there's no sense dwelling on all that, not with everyone here for the weekend! Oh, I do hope it's for the whole weekend, too, it's always so nice to see all of you. Er, please do be careful around the cars, though--they're quite important to Miss Saya, and it'd be for the best if you left them alone as best you could, thank you.

Well! I think I've enough cookies and milk to last a little while, at least, and I'd be more than happy to entertain any visitors who might come to call, so please do stop by and say hello! Especially, er...any familiar faces that might be passing through.

[OOC: As always, she's canonically from just after the end of Perils of Rosella, and with some very disjointed and vague knowledge of Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. If something comes up that I don't want her to know, I'll just have her forget it, so have a party--anything goes! HIT HER WITH EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT. Troll, threadjack, have a ball!

And of course, I am totally okay with backdating. ♥]

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