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primrosella's Journal

Princess Rosella of Daventry
Little Princess In A Terrible Mess
Name: Princess Rosella
Age: Seventeen in canon, eighteen nineteen twenty in the City
Birthdate: March 21
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Homeland: The Kingdom of Daventry
Family: King Graham, father; Queen Valanice, mother; Prince Alexander, twin brother

A Kingdom Alone With No Love To Confess

Princess Rosella of Daventry is the daughter of King Graham and Queen Valanice, and the twin sister of Prince Alexander. At the time, she is nearly eighteen years old. When Rosella and Alexander were only infants, Alexander was kidnapped by a wizard named Manannan, so Rosella grew up thinking she was an only child and had no knowledge of her twin brother. Thus, Rosella was raised to be the heir of Daventry, and both her parents doted on her and encouraged her education in many different aspects and studies.

When Rosella was seventeen, a three-headed dragon began to ravage the countryside of Daventry, and demanded the sacrifice of a maiden as the kingdom’s ransom. Rosella volunteered herself to go, and went with her head held high to meet her fate. But fortunately for Rosella and Daventry, her twin brother (who had been off on his own adventure, trying to return home again, AKA the plot of King’s Quest III) arrived at an opportune moment, cast a spell to defeat the dragon, and rescued her from a fiery demise.

Rosella and Alexander returned home together, where they were met with rejoicing and embracing from their overjoyed parents. Unfortunately, the celebration was short-lived; King Graham, overcome by emotion, suffered a heart attack and collapsed at their feet. Nothing could be done for the king; no magic or medicine could save him, and his death seemed imminent. Rosella, overcome with grief, rushed to the throne room to grieve in peace and wished aloud that there were something she could do to help him.

Much to her surprise, the magic mirror on the wall answered her. As she looked towards Merlin’s Mirror, a fairy’s face appeared in it and introduced herself as Genesta. Genesta, who was rumored to be the queen of the fairies, told Rosella of a magic tree in the land of Tamir that bears a fruit once every hundred years, and that the fruit had the ability to cure all ills and grant perfect health to the one who consumed it. Genesta offered to take Rosella to Tamir to get the fruit, and after a touch of hesitation—suspecting that Genesta was not telling her the whole story behind the magic fruit—Rosella agreed to go.

At that moment, without even a second to tell her parents or to say goodbye, Rosella was transported to Tamir, and she embarked on a quest of her own—not only to find the magic fruit to heal her father, but also to help save Genesta’s life as well by recovering a magical talisman that was the source of many of her powers. The talisman, Genesta explained, had been stolen by a witch named Lolotte, and if it was not recovered within twenty-four hours, Genesta would die and Lolotte would use the talisman’s powers to contaminate the land.

Over the course of the next twenty-four hours, Rosella traveled the land of Tamir under the guise of a peasant girl, seeking out the magic fruit and Lolotte’s castle, always looking for a way to steal the talisman back from her. Along the way, she completed many side quests and righted minor wrongs in the land of Tamir as well. Upon encountering Lolotte, the evil witch demanded three tasks of Rosella—capturing the unicorn that lived somewhere in the countryside, stealing a hen that laid golden eggs away from an ogre, and retrieving Pandora’s Box from the depths of a crypt. By the time Rosella was able to complete all these tasks, it was late at night, and when she was brought before Lolotte for the final time, she learned that her reward would not be her freedom or a chance to retrieve the talisman; instead, Lolotte had decided that she would be forced to marry Edgar, Lolotte’s deformed son, and had Rosella locked in a tower to await the wedding at dawn.

However, Edgar himself had a far purer heart than his mother, and had fallen in love with Rosella, so he snuck her a key that would give her the ability to escape. Rosella did, and managed to kill Lolotte just as the dawn began to break. She retrieved the talisman and the objects of the three tasks that Lolotte had required her to perform, left the castle, and restored the objects to their rightful places. Then she swam out to Genesta’s island castle and returned the talisman to her, just in time.

Now Rosella’s quest was complete; Genesta was saved, and she had the fruit that would save her father’s life in her possession. Just before Genesta sent Rosella home, though, she used her talisman to transport Edgar to the beach where they stood, changing his body from that of a twisted crone into the form of a tall and handsome prince. Edgar asked Rosella to marry him then, since he had fallen in love with her, but Rosella knew she had to return home to her father and gently refused. Then, with a wave of her talisman, Genesta sent Rosella home, where she was able to give save her father’s life and be reunited with her family once again.
Dreams Of A Prince On A Tall White Horse

Rosella, like all members of her family, has an adventurer’s spirit. Her parents emphasized the importance of kindness, common sense, and the ability to take care of oneself, which has given Rosella a gentle, yet independent, nature. However, though Rosella is generally a softhearted person, she has her moments of pettiness and selfishness—for example, wasting precious time out of her twenty-four hour quest to clean a messy house out of spite, just because the occupants were rude to her.

She is, in essence, a free-spirited girl in her late teens; she likes to keep her room messy, she has a deep love for books—her mother even says Rosella would sometimes “rather read than eat or sleep”—and she particularly likes reading and acting out Shakespeare (with herself as the heroine, of course). She is thoughtful about helping others and generous to the needy, but she can be a bit superficial at times—for example, hoping for assistance from a good-looking prince, but feeling a bit uncomfortable around the good-hearted but deformed Edgar. She is brave, loves her family, and has a strong sense of determination when it comes to getting the job done.

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Runs Like A Spirit By The Castle Walls
Since Her Arrival:

Living Arrangements: Currently staying in The Warehouse
Job Arrangements: Helping out at The Library
Contact Post: Here
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A Note About Rosella's Background:
King's Quest canon is iffy at best about how much the world of Daventry has in common with Earth; there are obvious similarities, but the nature of the gameplay gives very little indication of what day-to-day life is really like in Daventry. As such, I end up making a lot of assumptions about things Rosella may or may not be familiar with. I'll do my best to keep things reasonably consistent, but hey, Daventry's kind of a weird place--there's going to be inconsistencies. However, if it ever gets to be a problem, please let me know, and I'll do my best to get things back on track.
If You Were My King, I Would Be Your Queen
Princess Rosella, Daventry, and all related characters are the property of Roberta Williams and Sierra.
Rosella is played by wingsof_fortune for polychromatic.

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